Jubilee Celebrations and A Special Announcement...!

Today we celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee in style, having a non-uniform day where we all donned red, white and blue in honour of the Queen’s 60 years!

Our Webbies brought in an array of goodies including some amazing cakes, scones and mini quiches. The office was decorated with lots of Union Jack bunting and flags; I have to say, the Queen would have been proud!

The main event of the day though was the special announcement in the afternoon….Rumours were rife around Windsor Works as the anticipation increased over what it could be! We gathered everyone in Phase 2 to hear the news when Craig Kennedy walked in with an almost identical replica of the Olympic Torch (home-made courtesy of myself and Natalie Bailey!) Craig then officially announced the Web Applications UK Office Olympics and the torch was passed around with surprise sweets inside. As there’s 8 weeks until the opening ceremony of London 2012 we’ll be having a different event each week with prizes handed out on the 27th July!

Paper Toss was revealed as the first game, with competitors taking part in the downstairs kitchen. Each contender had 60 seconds to throw as many paper balls into a waste paper basket. Competition was fierce as our Webbies battled it out to become the victor! Paul and Chris H both managed 9 and so a decider was needed. This time they had 30 seconds to see who would come out on top. Paul got an impressive 8 in 30 seconds to Chris’ 5 and so deemed the worthy winner. The battle for 3rd place was a 3-way tie between Rob I, Clare and Kat. Rob and Kat gave valiant efforts but Clare proved tough to beat with her score of 7 in 30 seconds.

So the winners and scores were:

1st Place: Paul Thomas (9 in 60 seconds, 8 in 30 seconds)

2nd Place: Chris Haslam (9 in 60 seconds, 5 in 30 seconds)

3rd Place: Clare Sudbery (8 in 60 seconds, 7 in 30 seconds)

Congratulations to Paul! Well done and thank you to everyone who took part.

With the next event still under wraps (due to be announced next week) I’m sure everyone is looking forward to what we have in store! And who knows maybe we’ll find a superstar athlete among us…We’ll keep you posted…