They Think It's All Over... It is Now!

Last August we started a fantasy football league between our Webbies and now, as the season is over, the winners have been confirmed.

With eleven prizes up for grabs, there was a pretty good chance of winning! So hoards of Webbies flooded onto the Fantasy Premier League website to create their teams. Every month from September to April, Manager of the Month awards of £10 were given.

The biggest awards were saved until the end of the season; £50 for the winner, £40 for the runner-up and £30 for third place. And now, drum roll please, the winners are:

  1. Chris Sweeney with the appropriately named Team1
  2. Simon Levy’s Sandgrounders
  3. Dale Roberts with CTID

Huge congratulations to them! Chris was too overcome with elation to give an interview but I caught up with Simon and asked him how it felt to come so close. Chris and Simon have been in a tight competition for the lead since February, and all the way up until the penultimate week. Simon made some risky last minute decisions including getting rid of his top player (Van Persie) on a gut feeling; unluckily these decisions backfired, allowing Chris to swoop into first place. Simon said that he’s still really happy to get the second prize as it’s his first time playing fantasy football. Hopefully I can get a piece of this beginner’s luck next season!


Image “Robin Van Persie” by Ronnie Macdonald is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While the Premier League season is over, Euro 2012 is about to begin. Perhaps a sweepstake is on the horizon…


Image “Euro 2012” by Piotr Drabik is licensed under CC BY 2.0