The Future of WAUKCE

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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WAUKCE is going places and we have just the Managing Director to get us there! Alan Sweeney recently joined Web Applications UK; I sat down with him to talk about the Centre of Excellence and what he has planned.

Alan’s goal is to see WAUKCE stand out from the crowd, making it a quirky and not your run of the mill training centre. He wants WAUKCE to offer unique, brilliant and relevant training by utilising the resources we already have; our Webbies. He has no plans to employ full time trainers but instead use the tech expertise we already have here. That’s why he firstly wants to set up two train-the-trainer products, leading them himself. Have you ever been to a training day where the trainer shows mastery of a subject but you’ve come away thinking “what have I actually learnt?” Alan wants to ensure this never happens at the Centre of Excellence, making sure trainers not only know their stuff but can teach it to others. He’s setting up an informal workshop designed to hone the skills of both existing and aspiring classroom trainers and a formal three-day course aimed at putting delegates successfully through the Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) qualification.

Another reason for getting some of our Webbies to take this exam is so that the Centre of Excellence can become a Microsoft Learning Partner, with a Gold qualification being the aim for the future. To qualify, WAUKCE needs at least two Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) and it’s great for the company if people become certified. As Alan says, he could send people off to do the course and the exam, but why would he when he has a state-of-the-art training centre here and he can get to lead some hands-on training himself; which he still loves doing? Eventually Alan wants to have three to four people in house taking the course and external people coming in too. His aim is to have WAUKCE specialising in Software Development, offering both authorised courses and others that have no third party involvement.

Alan will then be looking to offer expert level master classes and practical workshops run by our Directors Gordon and Lee aimed at professionals in the industry. Another great way to offer a unique and extremely beneficial service!

Once he has Microsoft up and running he’ll offer Cisco and A+ qualifications, but that’s in the longer term.

Towards the end of this year Alan aims to triple or quadruple the training portfolio. That’s why WAUKCE is turning to local businesses for their input into what kind of training they want. This way we can deliver a customised service, something other training facilities lack. It’s a great opportunity to influence the shape of the Centre’s portfolio so if you have any suggestions e-mail them to:

By this time next year Alan envisions the training rooms 50% utilised, meaning there is a course taking place most days.

Now onto a bit about the man behind WAUKCE! When I met Alan for this blog, straight away I can tell just how passionate he is about training and making WAUKCE an exceptional training facility.

Before coming to Web Applications Alan was working as a freelance Training Consultant for various software and IT training companies. He was the UK team leader of one of the very first 24/7 online learning operations in the world; rapidly becoming known as an industry expert. Alan co-authored an e-learning programme to train the University for Industry’s own LearnDirect online tutors and became a founder member of MELA (Microsoft e-Learning Association,) a group of Microsoft partners which comprised Microsoft’s first UK venture into online learning.

Having gained a large number of professional IT certifications and become a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Alan spent some time delivering official Microsoft courses to the UK business community; winning the inaugural e-Learning Age magazine award for the high quality of the coaching and tutoring at Computeach along the way!

Using his experience and commitment Alan’s goal for WAUKCE is for it to be recognised as the best training centre for local businesses, aiming to be as renowned in the industry as QA and Global Knowledge. With plans being put into motion as I type, Alan is certainly the right man for the job and the Centre of Excellence is on the right path – onwards and upwards!