Genius Day: And The Winners Are...

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

This morning everyone joined in for the second part of Genius day and there was an array of great ideas during this presentation section. From branding for WAUKCE in the form of car magnets to improving dirty data, our Webbies proved they truly are innovative!

Most of the ideas focused on making Web Applications even better (if that’s possible!) Everyone had 5 minutes to give their presentation, with Viv being a strict time keeper to make things fair! A laptop and projector were available for PowerPoint presentations or demos to really sell their idea. We also had bacon, egg or sausage muffins to fuel our Geniuses before they faced the often daunting task of speaking in front of your peers! Everyone gave fantastic presentations, showing how Genius Day really helps people get used to getting up and speaking in front of others; it isn’t easy.

After 2 rounds of presentations in WAUKCE’s Elizabeth House, our Chief Executive Craig Dean had the formidable task of choosing a winner. After some tough deliberation we all congregated in Phase 2 for the results; it was tense!

Craig commended Clare Sudbury for her card game idea and said the graphical element was inspired. Chris Haslam with his alternative Traveller log in with a fingerprint log in was also given an honourable mention. Shaun, Nick G and Kat gave an enjoyable presentation of a product called Scratch where you can create your own computer programs, such as stories, games, music and art. Paul and Alan proved you don’t need slides to show off a good idea. They presented a website for amateur writers to become published which had great commercial potential.

And now onto the winners! In 3rd place: Viv, Sophia, Naomi and Craig K for their idea to utilise the rest of Web Applications’ land. Dubbing themselves the ‘Core Team’ they thought of potential uses for a particular area which included a pool, helipad or bar! They put forward a good business case and showed how different talents within a company make it work.

2nd place went to Kerry, Kevin and Ian Munro for their Hungry Webbies idea – a food ordering service for our favourite takeaway Julie’s! Craig said how good their presentation was; the PowerPoint slides and the website looked very professional. They took an existing idea and put it in to a product that works – Feeding the best and brightest!

On to 1st place and a drum roll please…the winners are Fahim, John and Mark Owen for a touch screen version of our Traveller software. It was deemed a great concept and something that could be feasible for us to implement in the future. The group showed how up to date they were with where technology is going and Craig reiterated how vital this is in order to come up with innovative ideas. Fahim and John won last year’s Genius day, proving to be the ones to watch out for!

Huge congratulations to all of the winners who received e-vouchers from Play or Amazon and well done to everyone taking part!

Craig was so impressed by the standard of this year; calling it the best Genius Day yet! With another such day planned for later on in the year, it’s definitely going to be a tough one to beat!