Adding the Fuel of Cake to the Fire of Genius

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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It’s that time again, Genius Day – a day where we celebrate the enormous brains of all our Webbies.

Over the past weeks and months since the announcement of the next Genius Day, everyone has been thinking of ideas for the big day. Working in teams or going it alone, everyone spends the day working on their genius ideas and preparing to present to the rest of us on Monday.

As one of the ways we encourage innovation at Web Applications, the ideas can be anything at all, related to the company or not. But if there is a great idea to benefit the company, the responsible genius could have the satisfaction of seeing their idea implemented. Or, arguably more exciting, the best ideas/presentations get prizes! Varying amounts of e-vouchers are up for grabs for the 3 most genius ideas.

No Webbie celebration could be complete without a LOT of cake. Overnight, we’ve been busy baking a range of treats including brownies, walnut cake and my legendary chocolate fudge cake. We sure know how to motivate!

The ideas being worked on today are so varied, from practical fixes to existing software to the creation of innovative apps, websites and programs. With talk of igloos, helipads and a bar, who knows what Viv, Sophia and Craig K are up to! For now I must keep my insider knowledge of all the projects to myself, to be revealed by each team on Monday during the presentations.

So watch this space, as the true genius of our Webbies is about to be exposed to the unsuspecting world (or at least the rest of the office)!