Young by Name, Young by Nature

Software Engineer Andrew Young has been with Web Applications for one year, three months and remains focused on his future here.

Along with developing software, Andrew spends a lot of his time fixing bugs and answering questions. He’s the go-to guy for many Project Managers whenever they have a problem. So I was quite lucky to catch a few moments with him to chat. Andrew aims to one day become a Senior Engineer and he’s working hard towards this goal.

Before joining Web Applications, Andrew was studying Computer Games Development at the University of Central Lancashire. He decided not to go into a games development career because if you spend a lot of time developing a game, you’re not going to enjoy playing it. Andrew has taken on a different programming challenge with us instead, which actually works out well on both sides!

Andrew enthused that the best part of working at Web Applications is the constant learning. As we’re always pushing forward, nothing ever stays the same here which means new technologies and software to work with. Even without the huge amount of continuous training our Webbies go through, there’s a lot to learn by simply doing.

The highlight of Andrew’s time here was the visit to Manchester Paintball Arena last month where we played Laser Tag and Paintball. Although Andrew used to enjoy paintballing regularly, we both agree that Laser Tag was the most fun, which could be a controversial opinion in our office! Following our trip, Andrew and a few other Webbies have decided to turn it into a regular outing.

In his spare time, Andrew loves to build things. I’m not talking about playing with lego, Andrew builds functional machinery. His current project is to build a working 3D printer. It’s not quite ready yet but it is designed to be able to print objects of up to 200 x 200 x 200 mm.

Andrew comes from Preston which means, depending on traffic, his commute to work can take between one and two hours. Naturally, Andrew is looking to change this by saving up to move closer to work. So it’s not surprising that if Andrew won the lottery he would spend the money on a house first, then a car and some machinery. If by this point he has some left, he’ll be looking for ways to invest to make more. Some may say greedy, I say sensible.