From Commodore 64 to Web Applications UK

Over a year after joining Web Applications UK, Graham looks back fondly on his time here so far. Particularly the trip to Alton Towers in September!

Working in our busy support department, Graham spends most of his time finding bugs, fixing them and testing our software. His favourite parts of the job are undertaking small projects from start to finish and helping others.

In the future, Graham hopes to gain a more active role in decision making and interaction with clients. Possibly a Senior Engineer role, enabling him to help other developers even more than he already does.

Before joining Web Applications, Graham was a developer for a fire protection company. Prior to that, he has worked as a network engineer and as part of an IT helpdesk team. Although he has experience in various roles, Graham has always remained in IT. This stems all the way back to the eighties; the Commodore 64 to be exact. Graham enjoyed writing bits of code for the C64 from a young age. Out of pure generosity, I refrained from informing him that the Commodore 64 was released 7 years before I was even born…

Outside of work, Graham has been committed to football coaching for 11 years now, moving from a teenage team to the under 10s when his son became old enough to play. As well as this, he plays with fellow Webbies every week and participated in our Sport Relief football league in the winning Super Systems & Support team.

An avid Manchester United supporter, Graham has not missed a match for at least two seasons. So he’ll be counting down the days, hours and minutes until the upcoming derby on Monday!

For Graham, home life is no less hectic than working in the support department. With two children, aged 10 and 3, he is always on the go! As well as football, his son is a keen swimmer and is participating in the Swimathon this weekend alongside our very own Pete Bettison as Graham confesses he isn’t a great swimmer himself. Proudly grinning, he told me that his son is able to swim 130 lengths in an hour whereas Pete is struggling to reach 100. Looks like Pete is about to get beaten by a 10 year old!

When asked the traditional question; ‘what would you do if you won the lottery?’ Graham said he would consider starting his own business venture and go on holiday to the Caribbean for a while. After such a cold and rainy week, I can’t think of anything better.