A Day of Genius

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Our 3rd annual Genius day is steadily approaching – 3 weeks tomorrow to be exact! If you don’t know what Genius Day is, let me give you the lowdown…

The day is designed for our Webbies to show everyone what they’ve got. Using the skills they have to get creative and do something innovative!

Friday 18th May will be a day where Webbies can work on whatever they want with whoever they want, on the premise that they give a presentation lasting around 2 minutes of their idea to the rest of the company on Monday 21st May.

Last time’s winners were Fahim Mukhtar and John Sampson for their genius idea of an application of newer features of the latest version of Traveller onto previous editions of the software. However, the idea doesn’t have to be specific to the company; it can be about anything our Webbies are passionate about. If it is work related (and practical) the idea could even be implemented!

The final decision is down to our Chief Executive Craig Dean. I asked him what he would be looking for in a winning idea. He said he’s on the lookout for something that has the greatest potential to have an impact; something inspirational. There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd places up for grabs with honourable mentions for those that have impressed.

Genius Day provides a fun, powerful environment for us Webbies to come together to work on projects we’re interested in. It offers everyone the opportunity to be innovative whilst promoting team work and self-confidence. Ideas are looked at objectively, giving us encouragement to come forward with suggestions in the future that could ultimately benefit the company!

It’s a really exciting time as we gear up for the event. People are getting in their teams and coming up with concepts already. Natalie Bailey and I have been thinking of our winning project, we just need someone a bit technical to help us out – If only we were in a company full of Software Engineers…