Web Applications' Next Top Model

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Ian Munro is the brains behind our new website, starting development by sorting out the layout and doing lots of research. I sat down with him to find out a bit more.

Ian’s not done a responsive layout before so he’s looking up all about it; exploring the cogs that make it work. It’s a slightly daunting prospect but a great learning experience.

He came to Web Applications around 7 months ago, employed as a Software Engineer. His favourite part of the job is simple – just doing development! Especially if it’s a nice case.

Ian’s been lucky and always known he’s wanted to be a developer. He takes me back to a time when he was just 9 years old, and his older brother was in high school taking a computing class. Ian stole his textbook on Java development and worked through the exercises. He ended up creating a library system, which was admittedly poorly coded but it worked! From then on anything to do with technology had him interested.

Ian is originally from South Africa, moving here in 2005 with family. He went to a few different colleges, unsure of whether to complete his A Levels or enrol in a B.Tech course; he was always focused on computing though! Instead of going to University after choosing to finish his A Levels, Ian decided to learn on the job and then came to Web Applications last year where he gets loads of training.

Outside of work Ian works! But when he manages to get a bit of spare time he enjoys watching Game of Thrones and reading the books it’s based on. I myself haven’t got round to the second series yet but might do now that Ian’s jogged my memory.

He also has a personal project of Home Server manager where you’re able to download TV shows and movies. His favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption but he likes all sorts really; depending on his mood. I was about to go on to my next question when Ian said ‘The Lion King!’ Being from South Africa he feels it should be included on his top film list and all the songs are really good, although he assures me he doesn’t sing along. Maybe this could be the next movie for our Webbie film night, and then we could all see if he’s telling the truth… We’ll just have to make sure it’s not the special edition because Ian tends to get annoyed with the extra song it has, saying the original is the clearly the best!

Ian also gets annoyed at women drivers, citing this as one of his pet hates. I was tempted to end the interview there and then, but seeing my reaction he corrected himself to say all other drivers. He did have to park a woman’s car for her at the Trafford Centre the other week because she couldn’t do it herself, so I can see he’s not had the best experience.

I asked if Ian had any hidden talents. It was a no at first, and then I remembered that Ian was chubby bunny champion a few weeks ago for Sport Relief. When pressed a bit more he showed me his double jointed thumb, which was lovely. I’ve been freaked out for the rest of the day!

What Ian failed to mention was his secret modelling talent! We had a photo shoot in the office recently for our new recruitment banners that will accompany us to graduate fairs and other events. Ian was chosen as one of the faces of Web Applications, meaning his picture will be seen by hundreds of people!

So when I asked my last question of ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?’ the answer was blatantly obvious; working as a top model surely? Ian disagreed, saying he’d love to still be working here hopefully in a Senior Engineer position and being successful.