Shoot 'Em Up, Webbie Style!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Web Applications regularly get together to have some fun outside the office. Yesterday we ventured to the Manchester Paintball Arena in Chadderton for a spot of paintballing and laser tag!

When we arrived we were split in to two groups, one for paintballing and one for laser tag. I was doing laser tag first and even though I knew I wasn’t going to get hurt I must admit I was a little scared when we walked into a darkened room with a graveyard set up…

We were split again in to two teams of 6 – Desert and Jungle. Then the games began! We quickly began running, ducking and diving as the competition started to hot up. At one point Clare was even hiding in a coffin, ready to take aim at her unsuspecting victims! Mark W found himself up against 4 women at the end of one game but it seemed he had met his match as he was swiftly defeated. Joe won the individual competition, valiantly beating Kerry in a tense finale. We played 4 different games and by the end were all pretty worn out so when the word ‘pizza’ was heard, I wasn’t the only one rushing out to grab myself a slice (or three..) The other group had finished paintballing at the same time so we all had a catch up with our pizza and showed each other our war wounds. Then it was our turn to enter the paintballing arena.

The red team from the first session decided to stay on to make up numbers, so we became the blue team and got our gear on. After an intense briefing, “Never take off your mask” and a pep talk from our marshal, “take control of the alleyway”, we entered the dusky room. With a few test shots we were ready to go. I for one couldn’t see where anyone was so for the first game I held back, shooting where I thought the opposition was. Probably not the best tactic but I was quite scared of being hit!

The next couple of games entitled ‘Saving Private Ryan’ involved a team member hidden away in one of the rooms with our given mission to rescue them. The red team proved to be a tough opponent as us blues failed in our task. I was hit in this game, once in the face, so I’m glad my mask was firmly on, and once in the arm which has turned into a very small bruise, but nothing I could realistically get sympathy for!

The red team were victorious throughout the day, winning all but one of their eight games. Our Chief Executive Craig Dean was part of this team and in the final match against each blue team he was a good sport and started in the middle so we could all attempt a shot at him! I’m not sure if I actually hit him but I’d like to think my aim’s not too bad!

We had such a fun evening; it was a great way to get together outside of work and I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to the next outing. A big thank you to the guys at Manchester Paintball Arena, we would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to paintball and/or laser tag and will hopefully be back soon ourselves!