The Only Way Is Emma

Emma might have been born in Chelmsford, Essex but she’s managed to keep her fake tan and white stilettos at bay, in the office at least!

Emma started at Web Applications last June as an intern. Beginning in support she fixed issues and talked to clients to make sure everything was working. Being a Support Software Engineer is quite a varied role because you don’t have one specific project to work on and therefore deal with all the clients we support the systems for. Emma told me that this means it’s a great place to learn. It’s a steep learning curve though; factoring in every little thing to make sure we deliver a quality service. Emma also said the people in the support department are nice and friendly too, making support a fantastic place to start her career with Web Applications.

Emma is now in the Core team as a developer, working on core libraries and setting up the continuous integration server. Here she gets to tackle different issues which are sometimes really tricky. She’s enjoying her new role too but liked both for different reasons. Her favourite part of her job now is the Core team and how they interact, especially with Craig Dean (our Chief Executive). She said how good it is to learn directly from him as he is extremely knowledgeable.

Emma graduated from Preston University in 2009 with a degree in Computer Games Development. So why didn’t you continue on into a career in the gaming industry I asked? Her reply was that there aren’t a whole lot of jobs in the gaming industry in this climate and ultimately a stable company with lots of benefits like Web Applications was what she was looking for.

After graduating Emma created a bespoke web application for a financial company, then had a well-earned rest for a few months after – Emma was really casual about this but I think it’s pretty impressive!

She then went on to work for Sony for six months but didn’t enjoy it too much because she said they don’t care about you; it’s a big corporation and felt quite cliquey. Emma thinks Web Applications is different as she mentioned the training scheme we offer and various events we like everyone to attend – Like the work night out tonight where we’ll be hoping some of the team bust out their legendary moves (not naming names!).

In her spare time Emma dabbles in photography. It’s usually such an expensive hobby but Emma managed to wangle herself a bargain on EBay for her camera; a Nikon D3000. She enjoys taking pictures of architecture and picturesque scenery, just not all the walking you need to do to get the ‘money shot’. Emma also likes to read, mainly fantasy books like The Wind on Fire trilogy because like Harry Potter it’s for both adults and children.

I asked Emma about her goals and aspirations and they were simple really; just to do well in her career, taking all her exams to get better and better. This is the overall impression I get from Emma, she’s very modest. Even when I then asked what she would do if she won the lottery, she said she would like to live in a nice house, stay at Web Applications and save. Oh and don’t forget the crazy sports car…!