Phase 2 Complete, Mission Accomplished!

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our developments, you’ll be well aware that we’ve been expanding our offices into the remaining commercial space in Windsor Works. We’re always on the lookout for new developers so Phase 2 was a vital addition for us to add this new talent to our team.

At the beginning of the week we all took part in what we call the ‘office shuffle’ as we welcomed the completion. We wanted things perfect for the big move; making sure our Webbies could easily change desks. I know how important this is after moving upstairs yesterday. Our systems team were always on hand if I needed any help, although surrounded by developers I felt I needed to show them I could at least set up my own computer!

Phase 2 comes well equipped with a plush kitchen for all those brews and with lots of space to spread out in I’m sure the new inhabitants will be happy in their surroundings! Under floor heating and air conditioning have also been installed and carried through to our original downstairs offices. We’ll definitely be keeping the air conditioning on rather than the heating if this weather continues –I still can’t believe it’s March!

After a flurry of recruitment over the past few months Web Applications is continuously moving forward and Phase 2 a prime example of this, I’m sure any empty seats won’t be empty for long.