A Side-Splitting Sport Relief

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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On Friday 23rd March, Web Applications UK held a charity day to raise money for Sport Relief. The whole day was loads of fun; everyone got involved, shared a lot of laughs and had a great time.

The dress down day was a huge success – we had a ski suit, football kits, official Sport Relief clothing, sweatbands, a karate outfit and even a wet suit. Unfortunately Pete wouldn’t allow the photographic evidence of the wet suit to be published, but he made up for it with a very generous donation!


As ever, the cakes went down extremely well with all Webbies. Although it lacked any sport-themed decoration I was rather proud of how tasty my double chocolate fudge cake looked but by the time I went to take a picture, all that remained was crumbs where it had sat in all its glory.

There were plenty of other, more impressive cakes to take pictures of though, including Naomi’s rocky road cupcakes and carrot cake, Patrick’s tennis ball cupcakes, Jeff’s chunky chilli chocolate cookies and Vivienne’s amazingly detailed golf cupcakes. The talent in our office is clearly not confined to technology!


At lunch we held a couple of eating contests, there were no real prizes to win but man points and pride of being the quickest eater or having the biggest mouth were high enough stakes to attract competitors. We started with Chubby Bunny which had the spectators in tears from laughter and the contestants in tears from the pain of perseverance. They took it in turn to put marshmallows into their mouths one-by-one and repeat the phrase “chubby bunny”. I would be lying if I said my counting was accurate while laughing uncontrollably at their chubby bunny faces but at around 12, the eventual winner was Ian Munro!


The Cracker Challenge was next and Webbies attempted to eat the most crackers in 60 seconds. Having eaten 2.5 each the joint winners were Chris Haslam and Pete Bettison. This result doesn’t sound as impressive but I tried it myself away from the competition and it really does take a long time to eat a dry cracker!

Huge congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for getting involved. With the generous company contribution, we will have raised just under a whopping £400! All that’s left now is the football league tomorrow night. The competition is heating up and there has been fighting talk between the teams already. The outcome remains to be seen and with the Mighty Managers trying to assert their authority, the Daring Devs out to prove they’re more than stereotypical techies, the Downstairs Dominators seeking revenge for being excluded from previous games and the Super Systems & Support keeping their tactics quiet, it’s just too close to call!