PC Walker of Web Applications

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

As a Project Manager Mark has been with us for 7 months now so I thought it was time to see how he’s finding his role and life as a Webbie.

Mark describes his role as ‘keeping everyone happy’ and on a day-to-day basis he deals with the development of new features and systems as well as overall support for issues with current systems. Mark’s favourite part of his job, apart from the exceptional company it provides, is writing specifications using client requirements as he likes to find ways to improve their processes.

Before starting his career in IT, Mark worked as a police officer for seven and a half years! He traded in the fast-paced life of responding to 999 calls a few years ago to follow his ambition of a career in technology as he was unable to do so within the police. Last year he graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Information Technology Management and Business and hasn’t looked back since!

Mark is a keen supporter of Liverpool FC but doesn’t really know why. He’s originally from Wakefield, moved to Warrington when he was young and has no real connection to Liverpool. It’s likely he started as a glory supporter but he has redeemed himself now by sticking with them through thick and thin. As well as following football, he plays it too. Mark takes part in the weekly game played by some of our Webbies every Thursday and he will be part of the Mighty Managers team in next week’s Sport Relief football league.

We had an in-depth discussion about who would play Mark in a film – quickly passing over his wishful suggestion of Daniel Craig (clearly a James Bond wannabe). Eventually, we decided on either Matt Damon or Sacha Baron Cohen due to the fact that Mark has naturally curly hair, something he hides well by straightening his hair every day.

One day, Mark hopes to live and work in America so if he won the lottery he would use it for the big move. First though, he would follow Formula One around the world for a season and enter a racing series event himself. Watch out Jenson Button!

Some random facts about Mark: Coats, shoes and watches are his favourite things, one of his future goals is breaking 100 in golf and his hidden talent is a very loud whistle, I have no proof of this though as I daren’t ask him to demonstrate in the middle of the office.

Before the profile interview, the one thing I did know about Mark was that he loves having his photo taken. Web Applications had a photo shoot earlier in the week for some marketing material and Mark was chosen as one of the models! To keep things natural, we told him some great jokes such as “What wobbles and flies? A jelly-copter”, they clearly went down a treat with Mark: