Let Them Eat Cake - for Sport Relief

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

It has only been a couple of weeks since we raised money for Marie Curie but us Webbies are a charitable lot! Tomorrow we are holding another charity day, this time to raise money for Sport Relief. The money raised will help people living incredibly tough lives, both here in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries.

We will be holding a dress down day where everyone is free to rid themselves of their Web Applications shirts in favour of sportswear. Everyone taking part will donate a minimum of £2 to Sport Relief. We’re hoping to see sweatbands, short shorts and a whole lot of lycra, but we’ll settle for a football shirt and trainers I suppose.

A Sport Relief sweepstake poster is up in the kitchen for everyone to write their name under the celebrity they think is shouting the loudest. At £1 a go, the winner will receive half the money taken, the rest being donated to Sport Relief. The celebrity who is shouting the loudest is due to be announced by Sport Relief on Friday at 3pm so the lucky Webbie will be revealed shortly afterwards.

The most popular fundraising activity in the office is always a cake sale and this charity day will be no exception. Sporty cake designs are encouraged but as long as they’re delicious, we don’t really mind!

Eating contests will be held throughout the day including Chubby Bunny where the contestant puts as many marshmallows into their mouth as they can before they are unable to say “chubby bunny”. There will also be a cracker challenge – a race against the clock to see who can eat the most crackers in 60 seconds. So things look set to get a bit competitive!

And that’s not all… As well as the day of fun and cake tomorrow, a football mini-league will take place next Wednesday. Four teams will be competing for the esteemed title of office champions – Daring Developers, Super Systems & Support, Mighty Managers and the Downstairs Dominators, including Chief Executive Craig Dean in goal!

We’re all really looking forward to tomorrow and with everyone getting involved, it looks like we’ll be raising lots of money for Sport Relief and the great work they do.