Oldham - See It Differently

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Oldham Council last night hosted a launch event for ‘Invest in Oldham’.

This is the new initiative to encourage investment in to the borough, which included the announcement of a multi-million pound luxury hotel and spa project.

An artist's impression of the Hotel Future in the new civic square.

An artist’s impression of the Hotel Future in the new civic square

It’s an exciting time for Oldham where land opportunities, support services and financial incentives are all up for grabs. The initiative plans to get investors to see Oldham differently; showing them Oldham is open for business. With this comes four key points to attract potential investors.

Firstly, Oldham is in a great location. It boasts excellent transport links, is only 5 miles to Manchester and has a direct connection with the national motorway network to provide easy access to the rest of the region.
It has great people. Oldham has a young growing population and a skilled workforce many businesses could access in order to be successful.
There is a great infrastructure which includes a range of premises, sites and land to suit all needs. Plus with Oldham’s new Metrolink line opening this year, travelling to Oldham will even quicker.
Oldham has great businesses, with a base of over 5,000 companies, both national and international.

As part of the great businesses of Oldham, our Chief Executive Craig Dean was asked to be interviewed for a video shown at the event held at Gallery Oldham. The film crew popped in our offices last Friday to give Craig his close up. He told them why Oldham is such a great place to invest in and that inward investment is vital to Oldham’s economy. If Web Applications is anything to go by, Oldham is a great place to work; a place with real ambition to do well.

It is important for Oldham to make decisions, get results and improve the borough throughout. The £40 million Hotel Future project hopes to implement this strategy. The building is expected to replace the car park next to the Civic Centre and Queen Elizabeth hall. It is set to open in 2015, a year that will also see the creation of a new civic square. So this will be one of many projects across the borough, regenerating Oldham to see its economy improve. Jim McMahon, Council Leader said, “The key message here is that ‘Oldham Means Business’.”