Return of the Webbie Profiles

Bringing the Webbie profiles back to the blog, I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for the first one than Daniel Pavlovs – my cheery new neighbour after embedding myself upstairs in the land of developers.

Half Latvian and half Russian, trilingual Daniel is originally from Latvia and came to the UK around 7 or 8 years ago. He now lives in Halifax with his girlfriend, no children – yet!

Whilst living in Latvia, Daniel did some developing work and even ran his own business for a while. After coming to the UK, he struggled to get a job in developing straight away so has gradually progressed through testing roles until he got his role as a Software Engineer here at Web Applications. He feels like he’s properly starting his career in developing now and is looking forward to whatever his future at Web Applications UK may bring.

Starting here in October 2011, Daniel has been with us for 5 months now and still loves his job. His favourite part has to be that he is always learning. All developers achieve at least one Microsoft certification within their first six months; Daniel is currently studying for a Microsoft certification in Word development. He appreciates the beauty of having our own IT training facility, The Centre of Excellence, so that when he is ready he can put in a request for an exam and be booked in as early as the next day.

In his spare time Daniel enjoys lots of things, but chilling out in front of the TV is not one of them. Daniel used to work for the main Latvian TV station doing translations and subtitles for English and Russian speaking TV programmes. From working there for a year and a half, Daniel has seriously been put off television. Bizarrely, he doesn’t even own a TV, and hasn’t for about 10 years! He doesn’t miss out though, he just catches up online with what he wants to watch, when he wants to watch it. Next on his ‘to-watch’ list is Doctor Who as he feels he almost has a duty, working in a world of geeks.

After living in England for quite a few years now, he feels he can appreciate the cultural references enough to take on the task of reading some English classics. Currently reading through some of the works of Dickens, I think it’s fair to say he’s more cultured than most!

When asked what he would spend his millions on if he won the lottery, his peculiar answer was that he would simply put it in the bank and carry on living his life as he does now. The truth is Daniel is quite content with his life the way it is so why change it? He’s a true believer in the philosophy of “more money, more problems”. For the record, if Daniel does ever win millions, he’s agreed to send some my way!