Apple's New iPad

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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All day yesterday I was waiting in anticipation for the launch of the new Apple iPad and now it’s finally here! So does it match up to the hype?

For fans of Apple, the answer is probably yes. It features a Retina display, with 1080p resolution; more pixels than a HD TV. So as you can imagine, the quality on screen is pretty good! For everyone else, it could be a bit disappointing. Yes the display is the best out there on a tablet, but where is the haptic feedback? When I heard the rumours surrounding the new iPad this was the particular point I was most interested in. Especially when Apple’s own advert for the device hinted at the new technology – ‘We have something you really have to see. And touch.’ By using electrostatics, haptic feedback simulates friction and textures, allowing you to actually feel what’s on screen. However, this technology may take another year to make it in to the mainstream. So here’s hoping Apple have this up their sleeve for the future.

So what else does the new iPad have to offer? It has a quad-core A5X processor and 1GB of RAM, which is certainly good news for the gamers amongst you. This does mean that the tablet is slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor. It will be able to connect to 4G networks; Apple’s first foray into LTE. This will only be available in the US for the time being; using either Verizon or AT&T, not both, so new owners will have a tricky choice to make. With plans for LTE coming to the UK in 2013, it looks like a bit of a wait until we can use the high speeds of 4G. The camera has also been improved from 720p to 5 megapixels, with the ability to record video in full HD. It still maintains the impressive 10 hour battery life and 9.7 inch screen.

Throughout the build-up to yesterday’s launch there was so much speculation surrounding the name. iPad 3, iPad HD and iPad 2S were the main contenders being bandied around, so should we be surprised that Apple went for simply ‘iPad’? I think it is testament to the fact the iPad is here to stay, with plenty more models in the pipeline for years to come.

The tablet market is expanding by around 40% so it was quite poignant in Apple’s announcement yesterday when the iPad was referred to as the poster-child of the post-PC world. If the market continues to go the way it is then Apple has everything to gain. In a cunning move, the iPad 2 will still be available to buy at a lower price, undercutting Amazon and their Kindle Fire which resides at the bottom end of the tablet market. So what does this mean for the humble PC? Will we one day all be holding our tablets with pride with the PC a distant memory? Only time will tell but next time Apple, I want to be wowed!