Beyond 'The Door': Phase 2 Progress

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Progress update on the expansion refurbishment.

The mysterious door revealed in Helen’s blog back in December is becoming less of a mystery as the renovation begins to take shape. The workmen are busily working away to produce an expansion of our downstairs area into the office space next door. It is still unknown when it will be complete, as you can see it is a little way off yet.


We do now have an idea of the shape it is starting to take. There will be 29 desks and a kitchen area; a continuation of how downstairs looks on this side of ‘the door’. Who will be sitting at these desks remains to be seen but we can be sure that this will mean more recruitment and more talent to be added to the ever-expanding Web Apps team.

Exciting times are ahead as we expand to occupy the entire commercial space of Windsor Works. Be sure to check back for updates on the refurbishment as we move towards an even more impressive Web Applications office.