The Tenacious Ten-Day Tournament!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Massive congratulations to Paul Thomas, who is the new reining champion of the Web Apps gaming competition!

One of the many marvellous benefits of working at Web Applications is that the Webbies are a social bunch, so we hold the occasional event or tournament that we can all get involved in. Many are also interested in computer gaming. The Mario and Sonic Winter Olympic Games Wii Tournament was therefore an ideal fit (and most appropriate for the season) and we can now announce the winner of the event!

Past console tournaments at Web Applications have spanned months, so we decided that this season’s tournament would be a speedy one and it took place over just 10 working days. 20 Webbies signed up (those willing to sacrifice their lunch hours to a greater cause), and each of them would play 5 times in a series of rounds. The scoring systems meant that the people finishing with the highest points would then take part in one final round to determine who our Winter Olympics Champion would be!

After much cajoling, bickering and hysteria, not to mention attempted bribery, our rounds got under way and three exceptional competitors soon emerged as the crème de la crème of the Wii Winter Olympics – Mark, Shui and Paul.

And so, the final showdown between the competitive trio, which took place on the final Friday, consisted of the ‘Skeleton Bobsleigh’ game – and as you can see, heart surgeons in theatre demonstrate less concentration:

After three minutes of gliding and sliding, our champion finally barrelled his way past the finishing line: Paul Thomas! Congratulations Paul (pictured below, far right)!  As well as obtaining immense glory, Paul has also won a prize, which he is due to receive very soon!


Thank you to all 20 competitors, who’s involvement made the tournament as fun and enjoyable as it was!