November’s Fantasy Football Manager of the Month!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

The winner of November’s Manager of the Month is Dale, whose team CTID obtained a total of 187 points!

With Simon and Chris S in near pursuit (second and third respectively), Dale sails first past the finishing line this month to snatch the prize on offer. The riddle of Dale’s ‘CTID’ team name is easily established once you learn of Dale’s unwavering allegiance to Manchester City… Congratulations to Dale, who gets much more than a prize: he gets the glory too!

The overall result of the Webbies league is very much like last month’s, with Mark W steaming ahead in first position and this month’s winner Dale in second place, yet a whole 27 points behind. Will anyone catch up to Walker’s Warriors? With more than half of the season left to play for, now’s the time for the Webbies to step up their strategy and initiate their game plans.

Having said this, perhaps it is time to practice what I preach! I miraculously have clawed my way back from an embarrassingly lower-table position to obtain a perfectly respectable (by my standards at least) mid-table perch, but Alex Ferguson I am not:

And so the battle rages on and, with over half the season left to navigate our way through, it’s all left to play for!