Children In Need

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

On Friday 18th November 2011, the Webbies of the Web Applications office joined the rest of the UK in a bid to raise money for the Children In Need campaign. The sum raised by Web Application employees was doubled by Web Applications Ltd, for a donation grand total of £540.

The theme of the event was spots (which we also extended to stripes, to accommodate those Webbies with a more limited wardrobe) and Webbies each paid £2 to wear their imaginative non-uniform. We also held challenges in and around the office and Project Manager Cheryl nominated herself for a sponsored silence – the quietest she has ever been in known history!

Lauren also baked and sold these delicious Pudsey cookies for the cause:

The Doughnut-eating Challenge

This challenge seemed oh-so-appealing on paper, but it takes a hardcore competitor to succeed at this one! The challenge was to eat a doughnut without licking your lips. To establish a winner, participants would have to keep eating doughnuts until the onslaught of fatigue and failure forced untimely lip-licking. The initial (but short-lived) enthusiasm was caught on film:

Chris, although a trooper, did not quite make it to the end (a photo of Chris or a subliminal BBC advertisement?  You decide.):

The finalists, Ian and Shui, eventually ran out of doughnuts. Although technically my fault for lacking supplies, I never predicted they’d make it to 9 doughnuts each (especially straight after lunch). It would only be fair to declare them joint winners:

The Taste Test

Four very brave Webbies nominated themselves for the taste test, for which they’d have to be blind-folded as they identified 10 different food stuffs, including explosive chillies and rancid (personal opinion) anchovies.

Project Manager Mark, apparently the most suspicious of the four, attempting to suss out a sweet chilli (the least offensive of all the chillies on offer):

Winner of the challenge Paul Thomas, downing some coffee while trying to tackle a cinnamon stick. Yummy!

Congratulations to all of the Webbies for embracing the day, getting involved and really contributing to the cause.