Make a Splash with a Tache: Movember Update 3

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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It is now the third week of Movember and I am delighted to report that not one of our Mo Bros have fallen by the Mo wayside – they are all still proudly sporting rather handsome facial hair.

The Mos on Show are growing on all of us like… like a moustache growing on someone’s face. This could well go on to become a Mecember and Manuary look!

If you would like to sponsor Web Tashplications in their bid to raise awareness of men’s cancer and also in their bid for partial facial warmth, please follow this link and contribute to a most worthwhile cause. To find out more about the Movember Campaign, please click here.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: the photographic evidence of our Mo Bros’ Mos (form an orderly queue ladies!):

Mr Movember, Team Leader Rob Illing:

Mo Bro Jeff Ng:

Mo Bro Shui Ip:

Mo Bro Paul Thomas:

Mo Bro Kris Cartwright:

As they bowl past the half way mark, we wish our Mo Bros the very best for the rest of Movember. Stay tuned for Week 4’s updated!