WAUK Embraces the Remainder of Windsor Works

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

As ever, the winds of change are whistling through Web Applications!

As our brand new Centre of Excellence readies itself for its official opening next week, Web Applications is already embarking on our next project – the outfitting of the remainder of our home, Windsor Works.

We have occupied the whole of the second floor and half of the first floor of this beautiful building for some time now… but we don’t do things by halves at Web Apps! As we bid farewell to our previous neighbours Domus Healthcare, who are moving on to pastures new, we are now stretching our legs into the remaining space of Windsor Works.

With the builders currently gutting and then re-fitting the space in order to best accommodate the needs of Web Applications, the project is moving at lightning speed, but we’ve been able to grab a photo here and there for your perusal. See below for the DIY storyboard so far:

The below scene shows the same view over three different stages: with carpet, without carpet and finally, without floorboards! (Also note the disappearance of the doors and walls between 1 and 2!)

The next mini storyboard is again the same scene, photographed on three occassions over the last couple of weeks:


Keep checking for further Windsor Works updates, as we work towards creating an even larger space to accommodate our growing team.