October's Fantasy Football Manager of the Month!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

To the Web Apps Football Fanatic, the commencement of November can only mean one thing: results of October’s Manager of the Month of course!

The Web Applications Fantasy Football League (or the ‘Webbies’ to those in the know) is delighted to award October’s Manager of the Month crown to our newest Project Manager, Mark Walker. Mark was most enthusiastic about joining our Webbies league in September on his arrival at Web Apps, which could only spell one thing: absolute disaster for the rest of us. If only we’d have known of his aptitude for excellent team selection, we’d have never let him within the confines of the Webbies league. Nevertheless, congratulations to Mark!

October has seen an array of interesting FF action, including the plummeting of Fantasy Football enthusiasts, Shui Ip and Shaun Austin to 19th and 21st place respectively in this month’s table. Shaun will explain away his disastrous month with complaints of the league not being as good as The Sun’s Fantasy Football league (because we all know of the excellent quality emanating from The Sun on a daily basis), while Shui claims he’s simply “having a blip”. We’re hoping for less embarrassing scores from both of them throughout November, for the sake of their street cred.

Mark Walker is also the reigning champion of the Webbies league so far this season overall, with Dale Roberts and Shui Ip snapping at his heels. Can Mark really maintain his vulnerable position come the end of November? (I suspect so, but embedded in 20th position, all I can do is hope he gets cruelly knocked from his pedestal.)

See below for October’s results table!