Wear It Pink 2011!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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In support of the Breast Cancer campaign, members of the Web Apps office have today been donning a variety of pink items… some rather more inventive than we’d predicted!

Today is national Wear It Pink day, in which employees of organisations up and down the country have each given £2 in order to wear a pink item of clothing to work, and my word do we have a range of get-ups on show today! This terrific occasion not only donates much needed funds to scientific breast cancer research, but also raises breast cancer awareness.

If you would like more information about the cause or find out how you can make donations, please visit the official Wear It Pink website by clicking here, where you can access further information about the Breast Cancer Campaign.

The photographic evidence of the Web App employees ‘Wearing It Pink’ is below – and you won’t believe it until you’ve seen it!