Diversity Makes for a Rich Tapestry

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Web Apps exhibited in style yesterday at the University of Manchester’s Ethnic Diversity Fair!

Training Manager Shaun Austin and I were available throughout the day, dishing out the scoop on our latest vacancies and general information about Web Apps – not to mention Frisbees, pens and Celebration chocolates!

We were most impressed with the huge amount of high-calibre students who attended the Fair, many of whom were riddled with a wealth of coding experience, bachelor degrees, masters and even some PhDs. Many excellent CVs were submitted for our current vacancy of Software Engineer and we are confident that our visit to the fair will yield some positive recruitment results.

Shaun Austin, imparting wisdom as ever:

What student wouldn’t be tempted?!:

Web Applications will next be exhibiting at the Engineering, Science and Technology Fair, again at the University of Manchester on the 19th October, more information for which can be found