FF: September's Manager of the Month

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

The first month of Fantasy Football for which there are prizes available is now complete and while I’m rapidly tiring of this Fantasy Football lark, I feel duty-bound to relay the results of September’s competition, in consideration of the Alex Ferguson-alikes who hail from this office.

Huge congratulations to Liam O’Connor, who’s Team LJOCFC did him proud, winning him the Web Apps Coach of the Month prize for September! Liam is also doing well in the overall table and is obviously someone who knows their Evra from their Sagna. But Liam is going to have to maintain his efforts if he means to do as well in October’s competition – I don’t mean to scare you Liam, but you’re currently ranking below me in October’s table!

Liam was closely followed by Naomi McKenna, who was most excited at (and astounded by) her fantastic score!

Shui, I’m told, has always done fantastically in Fantasy Football over the years. To put things in perspective, if Shui is the Paul McCartney of Fantasy Football, this would make me the drummer of the band who came 9th in 1983’s ‘A Song for Europe’. However, September was not one of his crowning achievements, as he merely came in at eighth, which in his book just isn’t on. No doubt he’ll be taking himself into a corner and having a word in preparation for October’s competition, which got underway this weekend.

For the likes of Shui and other hardcore contenders such as John, Mark and Dale (all of whom are in the running for the Manager of the Year award), the winning is not in the prize, but in the sheer glory! And so the battle rages on.

See below for the Webbies October table, or click here to find out more about Fantasy Football.