Terrifying Rollercoasters: A Piece of Cake!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

A recent competition amongst Web App employees saw them compete in a bid to produce the most awe-inspiring photographic material from their recent trip to Alton Towers. I am delighted present the fantastic material of the two winners: Mariusz and Herman.

The first is a jaw-dropping video by Mariusz, filmed and directed from two of the most hardcore rollercoasters in Europe: Oblivion and Nemesis. Mariusz, undeterred by panic or fear, somehow managed to keep hold of his camera throughout the duration of the rides, along with his fellow Web Apps developers and daredevils Tomasz and Robert, who also feature in the movie. Witness Mariusz’s courageous endeavor, by following the link below to our YouTube video. Enjoy!

The second winner, Herman, provided some pictures that would have made Andy Warhol green with envy. After viewing these works of art, prepare to feel most cultured:

A huge thanks to all employees who took part in the competition!