The Green Dream Team

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Web Applications cares for Oldham. We have educated the young in a local primary school, spoken about employment prospects at nearby universities and provided a ‘Beat the Recession’ webinar for local businesses. But the lesser-known devotion to Oldham that we exhibit on a daily basis is our boundless dedication to being lovely and green.

Rather than assign employees with company cars, Web Applications pool a single company car to be shared when it is required, so as not to encourage all those nasty fumes. A handful of office-members also cycle in to work every day, such as Mariusz, pictured below with his bicycle. Mariusz shuns the benefits of a petrol-guzzling, carbon-emitting vehicle and braves the drafty plains of Oldham, in his personal bid to save the planet – good work, Mariusz!

Being a player in the high-tech game means that the computerisation of almost all documents saves a lot of what would otherwise be paper waste. Any paper waste we do produce is diligently separated and recycled, along with other office materials from cans to card.

We are always on the lookout for new ways to lower our carbon footprint and we eagerly anticipate the building of the Oldham Metrolink, which will provide a new clean means of access. Members of the Web Apps office are rarely blue, but we certainly are green!