The Fake Cake

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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The Fake Cake…of the Jaffa variety!

Members of the downstairs office were treated last week to a delightful spectacle, the comedy value of which is likely to keep us entertained for weeks to come…

Shaun Austin, the Training Manager of Web Applications, casually helped himself to a cheeky lunch time Jaffa Cake from the Web Apps biscuit jar, only to find that the item he had stuffed into his mouth was neither cake nor biscuit but was in fact a rubber imposter (planted there by the more spirited members of Web Applications). His expletives were reportedly heard in parts of Lancashire.

After being cruelly deceived, mocked and jeered at by his colleagues (not to mention the laugh we had behind his back), Shaun was then instructed by our receptionist Naomi to rinse the fraudulent “Jaffa Cake” in preparation for its next victim. We all enjoy a laugh, but apparently not at the expense of oral hygiene!

This is Shaun, devastated by this biscuit (or cake?) related incident: