Web Apps Design & Marketing Team: Little but Mighty!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

I discussed my PR role at tedious length a couple of blogs ago, so the bulk of this blog will be devoted to our Delightful Designers, who work tirelessly to ensure that WebApps continues to look pretty damn good (amongst many other things, as you are soon to discover).

The Design & Marketing Team consists of some of the few people in the office who are not natural techies, but what the designers lack in programming ability, they make up for in creative flair! Located in the downstairs office of Web Apps, it is the smallest department of the company, with only two other members besides me: John; Team Leader (designer at heart), and Wah Yan, the Junior Designer.

Having just come from a brief chat with John and Wah Yan, my mind is alight with phrases such as ‘typographic logos’, ‘manifestations’ and ‘flushing components’. They explained that ‘prettifying’ is actually just one factor of the broad spectrum that is design. The way something works as well as consideration of the audience must always be embodied in good design because, in John’s words, “design is at the core of function”. This means that excellent design can be easily overlooked. Whereas, bad design can stand out like a sore thumb!

Working in a largely web-based environment, the designers create more work for screen, rather than for print, using Adobe’s Creative Suite 5. So the projects they have recently worked on include the rather weighty undertaking of the upcoming website (which I can confirm will look sensational), as well as our online company newsletter. Advertising ideas, product logos and the design features of the pending Web Applications user-group seminar are all matters in the hands of the Designers. They have also been involved with the interior design of Elizabeth House, a three-storey Victorian building and home to the new Web Apps Centre of Excellence. With their help, the space has progressed from derelict to comfortable, plush and modern.

Our sense of belonging is never as great as when we partake in our Monday Morning Marketing Meetings. “GO TEAM!!” we holler in enthusiastic unison at the outset and conclusion of these meetings. John, a somewhat reluctant partaker in our weekly ‘GO TEAM!!’ banter, may hate me forever for revealing this practice, but it’s worth mentioning just to get the word out about how incredibly cool we really are. Plans for a new secret handshake of some description are also currently in the works, so stay tuned.

This blog could never do the designers full justice, but I hope it sheds a little light on the creative minds of Web Apps and the diverse range of integral contribution they offer the team.