Web Apps Revels in Fantasy Football Fever

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

With the commencement of the football season, the Web Apps office has thrown itself once again into the exciting and unpredictable realms of Fantasy Football!

When I first heard that the Web Apps office enjoys engaging in the annual Fantasy Football tournament, I felt somewhat dubious (and this may be erring on the polite side). The selection of team members… the appointing of captains… the competing of colleagues… the fantasy of football? Frankly, this all sounded like the stuff my nightmares are made from.

However, nearly 3 weeks in to this tournament and I don’t actually hate this Fantasy Football lark as much as I thought I would. I hardly hate it at all, actually. I’ve just learned the rules, so bear with me as I try to throw in appropriate jargon at frequent intervals in my future blogs in the unlikely hope of sounding like a seasoned pro.

Anyone can sign up on the website in order to draft in a fantasy football team. See the above link for more detailed information, but to summarise it is a system whereby you are able to draft a virtual football team online. Your team is given a weekly score depending on how well your players have performed in real life and your team can enter into competitions with other virtual teams online. At the risk of sounding like a complete and utter girl, you also get to name and dress your team in a strip of your choice! (See my pretty nifty team kit to the left). Web Apps employees are members of the same online league, so we can directly compare scores for a bit of healthy competition.

The current scoring of our ‘Webbie’ league can be found below. Shaun’s ‘Riot Police’ are steaming ahead in first place, closely followed by Dale and Shui, all potential contenders for September’s ‘Manager of the Month’ award, which I will keep readers updated with. The fact I’m secretly rejoicing in being ranked 19th out of 20 players (as opposed to 20th) should be some indicator of my prospects for this competition, but still, at least my team are dressed with flair.