WA:UK Centre of Excellence - The Final Countdown!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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As the Centre of Excellence enters the final stages of the completion, I am delighted to reveal the photographs of the latest developments of the brand new facility.

While the pictures do not give the understated finesse of the building full justice (they are, after all, merely 2D), they indicate how far the project has progressed since Melanie initially blogged about the project back in December, when the building was virtually derelict (photographic evidence: Ah, what mountain lay ahead of us.

But now we can reveal Elizabeth House, home to the Centre of Excellence, in all its glory, so close to being complete that we can smell the chalk of the finishing line. The training centre will serve a host of purposes, namely the training of our beloved clients to ensure our software is being used to its full affect, the provision of training courses both internally and externally and also to provide an IT testing/examination facility. We very much like to see our own employees staying ahead of the game in the ever-evolving world of IT, so we await the formal opening of the centre with giddy anticipation.

And so here you have it: the latest visuals from the Centre of Excellence.