Recruiting a Web Design Developer

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Web Applications are currently on the hunt for the perfect candidate to fill a brand new full-time post – a Web Design Developer, who will join the Marketing Team of Web Applications as we work towards an exciting new website. This blog aims to outline a less formal interpretation of the role as listed on recruitment sites, to give further insight into the realities of what the job will entail.

The Web Design Developer (WDD) is primarily a ‘developer’ role and therefore an ICT qualification (preferably a degree) will be essential. The WDD will frequently engage with development involving compatibility and seamless integration with various technologies with on-going enhancements and defect resolutions as well as testing websites, applications and components. If this means more to you than it does to me, this position may be right up your street!

Although emphasis clearly lies on the development side of the role, candidates should also have an awareness of (or even better, an interest in) the design element of website creation. They should be able to work alongside our designers with a professional understanding of design techniques.

They will be expected to form a link between the fundamental technicalities of website development (the ‘behind the scenes’ intricacies) and the creative content and design (the ‘face’) of the website. The web design developer will bridge the gap between designers and developers to produce cross browser compatible styles (and browser differentiated styles) as well as accessible mark-up for easy manipulation by development teams. Knowledge of both the technical and creative elements will therefore be essential for us in selecting the successful applicant.

As an individual, the WDD should be flexible and dynamic in their approach to projects and an excellent communicator, as they will be interacting with developers, designers and other colleagues on a regular basis. Web Applications UK is dedicated to employee training opportunities, so we are particularly seeking candidates with a commitment to personal development. The ability to lead, while simultaneously being able to work well within a team is another attribute that will serve the position well.

If you are interested in the role of Web Design Developer, or would like to explore other employment opportunities at Web Apps, please refer to our recruitment page by following the link: