Genius Day: The Array of Ideas and Solutions

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Following the roaring success of yesterday’s presentation of Genius ideas, we will now reflect on some of the innovations that made Genius Day so worthwhile.

Let us start with the winners of the competition, Fahim Mukhtar and John Sampson. The gracious victors (pictured left) proposed an application of newer features of the latest version of our Traveller Reservation System product onto previous editions of the software. Their thoroughly entertaining presentation outlined the primary challenges of their proposal, which would include the integration of Traveller’s Ext JS library into the older generational infrastructure. Their Genius idea would allow a development of the older systems with reduced up-front cost, which Craig awarded the winning prize due to both its viability and originality.

The second prize went to me! Being a proud Smart Car owner, it felt right to defend the little car that gets me from A to B from the mockery that tends to follow us around. I therefore, admittedly being the least technical person in this office, came up with the Smart Tower: the Smart answer to a white van. The product (pictured right), was a standard Smart Car with an added storage compartment below, offering businesses a practical solution for the transportation of goods, while simultaneously increasing its marketing space. The Smart technology would mean a substantial cut in maintenance costs and carbon emissions, while the retaining of the standard width and length of the Smart Car would mean that it could still be parked in those places that others cars can’t!

The third prize was awarded to Shaun Austin and Pete Bettison, founders of the “SVNDB vs. SQL Comp
are” idea. (They have tried valiantly to make this as accessible to me as possible, so apologies to them for making such an intricate solution sound unjustly straightforward!) The company currently uses an application called SVNDB to allow developers to synchronize their databases with our source control, but Shaun and Pete proposed using a program called ‘SQL Compare’ (a product developed by RedGate) as an alternative, which could be better equipped to support the evolving requirements of our development team. Craig found this unique idea to be a feasible and well-considered approach and so the pair certainly earned their e-vouchers.

Five further office Einsteins received honourable mentions, the Genius ideas of whom are summarised below:

Lauren Miller: A signage system for the deaf, which would ensure effective but safe communication while driving.

Robert Kostrzewa: An improvement of the Traveller Reservation System User Interface to improve ease of use for clients.

Kate Jones: A sleek iPhone app to serve as a virtual fitting room, in which users can see what clothes will look like on while shopping online.

John Palowski: A live graphic artwork development for live band demos – an idea prompted by his boredom with empty graphic space on iTunes for his band sessions.

Tomasz Drobrowolski: A proposal for the implementation if bitcoin miners in the Web Applications office, to improve the company’s income.

Massive congratulations to everyone who took part in Genius Day: it was both fun and beneficial and it contributed to the social, innovative environment that the Web Applications office prides itself on. We are already looking forward to our next opportunity to prove that we are, in fact, Genii! Geniis? Geniuses?!