Genius Day: Contemplating, Innovating and Creating the Day Away

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

I am delighted to announce the initial phase of Genius Day has been completed!

The two-day affair (despite the misleading name) has taken place throughout today (Friday), when all office members have been scheming up their Genius idea and will continue onto Monday, when employees will present their ideas to an office full of supportive colleagues.

To readers unfamiliar with the Genius Day concept, it is a day on which Web Applications employees turn their hand to a new way of thinking, by coming up with a Genius idea. The idea, concept or developed fleeting thought can be work-related or entirely unrelated – within reason, it can be pretty much anything. Employees can work alone or in groups for the prizes on offer (one employee with a particular aptitude for brilliance has suggested the whole office merges into one group, so that everyone wins the prize. Genius! Unfortunately no one has yet had the streak of Genius to put such a plan into action.)

Stooping under the sheer weight of their enormous hypothesis-devising minds, employees have been contemplating, innovating and creating the day away. While I can’t give too much away in light of Monday’s pending presentations, I suspect we will be positively blown away by the Genius on show. To give readers an idea of the huge range of Genius we are dealing with, think Smart Phone apps, product enhancements and Jaffa Cakes.

My next blog will feature Monday’s eagerly anticipated presentations, which are sure to be a roaring success, by which stage I will have jeopardised my own inter-office popularity by cautiously wielding a camera (yes, I may as well morph into the Grim Reaper). The photos, the ideas and the winning ideas will be available in Monday’s blog!