Big Brain Academy: Webbies get Schooled

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

There’s nothing quite like a classic 90s pun. The tournament is off to a flying start; it’s a battle-royal out there so be prepared for some highly organised but SHOCKING eliminations.

We have been conducting an office Tournament based around the Big Brain Academy game. The game features a number of very short puzzles to solve, not particularly difficult but it’s a game of speed. Participants go head to head to determine who can complete a set number of puzzles quicker, the winner moves on to the next round.

Here at Web Applications UK we had 24 fantastic Webbies sign up to put their mental acuity on the line to prove who has the Biggest Brain! If there was ever a competition to win…this is it.

All Webbies were given 2 weeks to practice and familiarise themselves with the format of the game. Judging from what I’ve seen, very few actually took advantage of that opportunity. That’s alright through, inexperience means upsets. Lauren, one of the frontrunners from Guitar Hero and classically good at video games, fell at the first hurdle to Vivienne. Shui, who had a long-standing record of winning absolutely everything, lost in the first round to Kris. Finally, Claire, winner of the most competitive person Webby Award, lost to Wah Yan. Predictability leads to boredom, and right now this is certainly anyone’s game.

Round 1 Fixtures                                                                                                                               Round 2 Fixtures

Tomasz vs Robin
Vivienne vs Jeff
Kate vs Kris
John vs Ian
Safder vs Ashley
Louise vs Wah Yan
Gary vs Tomasz
Robin vs Chris
Lauren vs Vivienne
Jeff vs Mariusz
Kate vs Liam
Kris vs Shui
Dale vs John
Ian vs Andrew
Mark vs Safder
Naomi vs Ashley
Kerry vs Louise
Claire vs Wah Yan









Round 1 is complete so we move on to the Round 2 fixtures. The tournament is single elimination so our 12 pairings are down to six.

Let the games continue!