The Battle of the Genii

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

Genius Day: a day dedicated to the innovative potential of employees. Office members are freed from the daily grind of their day-to-day routine in order to unleash their thoughts and ideas on their colleagues, in a Battle of the Genii.
From an insider’s perspective, the fun is in the battle and the idea that he who dares, wins. Creating, inventing, and conveying your Einstein-esque thoughts in a social way is rather unique to the typical workplace, indicating perhaps that this is far from the typical workplace. From an outsider’s perspective (an outsider free from the rapidly-approaching horror of public speaking), Genius Day is, in fact, genius: a way of channelling employees’ energy in a way that they have absolute control over gives them the opportunity to work for themselves. This break from normality offers a change, which as they say, is as good as a rest.

Working in an organisation that specialises in technology, one would
expect the ideas and presentations to be rather intricate and technologically complex. Last year’s presentations speak of jQuery/AJAX and PHP/MySQL and other things that would by-pass the standard lay-person’s comprehension entirely. Being the accepting sort of folk we are in this office, we are similarly open to more practical ideas, such as a new typeface as presented by John, or a new traffic app as demonstrated by Cheryl, Andrew and Louise. (Please remember this thinly-veiled plea for forgiveness in advance of Friday 5th August, when I may well be presenting my state-of-the-art “Diet Coke Claw”.) However, since this is an environment in which the Webbie thrives, it is equally reasonable to note that this is a place in which high-tech proposals are likely to be appreciated above all others.

Battle commences on Friday 5th August and finishes on Monday 8th, when participants will have the opportunity to display their efforts – in a team or alone – in front of their colleagues. The likelihood of the location, I am told, will be the upstairs kitchen, in which each person/team will give a 5-minute presentation on the idea of their choice.

Good luck. May the best Genius win.