What everyone should know about High Speed Two

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

High Speed 2 (HS2), the company looking into high speed rail services, published a report in March 2010 which focused on the business case for a new high speed rail line between London and the West midlands and considered the case for high speed rail services linking London, northern England and Scotland.

This rail line is looking to transform Britain’s economic geography, bringing key cities more accessible, help business increase productivity and open the doors for recruiting across the country. This rail service is aiming to provide a real alternative to domestic aviation, massively reduce transportation time and deliver a platform for long-term and sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

If you have ever had to stand on a packed train to London for almost 3 hours in a full suit and broken air conditioning, please, read on.

The railway would reduce travel times to 49 minutes from Birmingham to London, and 80 minutes for journey from Manchester to London. The connections onto existing rail lines would also be included, allowing new direct high speed services to our major towns and cities. The capacity released on existing lines by moving people travelling long distance journeys to high speed rail, allowing an expansion of commuter, regional and freight services. Links to Heathrow, other airports and to the Channel Tunnel would also be built, providing a further alternative to short-haul aviation.

This is the time for improving Britain’s infrastructure. Currently commuter trains are being amazingly overcrowded by an increase in passenger numbers. More and more people are being obliged to stand for their journey to and from work, in other words, during peak times.

Web Applications UK is in agreement with the government in believing that this is the time to address the current and impending capacity issues. By implementing a high speed network we in the North West could help reshape Britain’s economic geography and help ensure our future prosperity.

Web Applications UK also believes that if the government is thinking about improving the railways, it would be best to do at the infrastructure level which allows for future growth, instead of the ‘one-off’ option presented by the ‘Rail Package 2’. This option would not provide the foundations needed for adding new routes, would do little to improve capacity ‘commuter’ trains and is limited to a London-Birmingham line.

The current proposals offer a fares structure in-line with that of existing railways and would not include premium fees. HS2 would initially create 40,000 jobs which can only benefit the economy and will make it so that businesses in the North do not need to be handicapped by their distance from the capital city. This is an amazing opportunity for employment growth, regeneration and a boon to productivity. We’re for it and we hope you’ll join us. The consultation period for HS2 ends on July 29 so make your voice heard now!

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