My Experience at Web Applications UK

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

A guest post by Zoe Marsland.

Obviously to start with I was scared and a little nervous because I wasn’t too sure what to expect. But now from a more experienced view I see that there was nothing to be worried about, everybody was friendly, helpful and all made me feel really welcome.

On my first day, I worked with Melanie. She showed me the basics as PR assistant and gave me a bit of view into a normal days work for her; scouring certain websites for articles to share with Twitter, setting up events on Facebook, creating and designing advertisement posters (what they should say, how they should be portrayed). I also did other things such as researching venues and activities for the annual company Christmas party. The thing I found most interesting was the website; she gave me three pages to have a look at and find anything I would change or would do differently, we then changed a number of things from my list and edited a few others. This really opened my eyes to what type of role Melanie has.

On my second, third and fourth day I was with John, the company Designer and leader of the Marketing team. He showed me what he does for the company and how he works a typical day; we did some research into info-graphics and how they are a really good way to liven up a boring piece of data. He then gave me a sheet of information taken from his colleagues throughout the office. The information included things like what pets they have, whether they have received any new qualifications and skills in the last year and also any new responsibilities they may have gained. My task was to come up with a few ideas on how to use info-graphics to display this information in the Web App’s Summer newsletter. Another thing we did on Tuesday was measure the wall space suitable for whiteboard paint in the new training centre next door; after a few mistakes and wrong calculations we eventually came up with a total metre squared area for how much paint will be needed.

Overall, I have had a really good time doing my work experience with Web Apps; it has opened my eyes to a normal work place and how much work goes into obtaining a company as big as a Web Applications. Thank you for taking me on and showing me what you have.