Summertime and a Newsletter's Coming

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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We are diligently preparing a Summer Newsletter for our clients, current webbies and future webbies.

The newsletter will focus on the comings and goings of Web Applications in the last six months (i.e., since the Christmas Newsletter). The content of the newsletter moves away from product updates and towards the human achievements, skills and qualifications acquired, charity milestones, that sort of thing. We are looking at producing some great images so all of our readers can get a striking view of Webbie life and culture.

The aim is to portray our culture in the clearest way possible; how Web Applications UK has changed in the past six months and how, in many ways, it has stayed the same. There are quite a few announcements and updates, information relevant to our clients and facts about Oldham which are helpful to know for anyone travelling in and out of the area.

Obviously, too much can’t be revealed at this stage, we do like providing little surprises, but the newsletter will be sent out in the next couple weeks and we’re happy to keep everyone in the loop. So, sit tight, all we be clear soon. We hope you enjoy it and will provide more updates when it is near completion!