Domus Charity Fundraising

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Web Applications UK is proud to congratulate Domus Healthcare for successfully raising over £300 for the charity Action Against Elder Abuse.

Domus Healthcare, our very close neighbours, have been raising money for this charity throughout June, culminating in a raffle fundraiser. We don’t have a tally for the total money raised, but we do know that the raffle managed to bring in £300 on its own. Web Applications played a small (but still important!) role, contributing to the raffle and managing to win three of the prizes! Congrats go to Nick, Naomi and Jijo.

We would like to thank Domus for allowing us to participate in their fundraising for an excellent cause. Action Against Elder Abuse is the only charity in the UK and Ireland whose sole purpose is to protect (and prevent the abuse of) vulnerable older adults. Visit their Website to donate or find out more about this charity.