Stanley Road School: Mission Complete...until next time

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Well, we had a wonderful six weeks with our young agency recruits and we are proud to announce that they have completed their mission.

This week at Stanley Road we had the ultimate competition, a meeting and battling of minds, culminating in an all-out frenzy of cryptography, logical thinking and problem solving. It was beautiful.

Way back in Week 1 when the agency recruits came to Web Applications UK to be introduced to their mission, they were divided into teams, Green and Red, and given a badge with their agency code name.

In Week 6 the teams came into play as they had to work as a team to get as many points as possible to win the prizes. Each team had seven agents and was divided into an Encryption group and Decryption group.

The Encryption team is given a word, for example “SNOW”. They must come up with an encryption and cipher. On a card they are given they write the encrypted version of SNOW along with the cipher (key). The managing Agents check that the cipher works, and passes the card to the decryption group of the team (located across the room) to try to decrypt. Recruits were given points for properly encrypting the word, extra points for inventive encryptions and points for successful decryption.

While the Green team is decrypting the message, the Encryption group of the green team is given the Red team’s encrypted word but without the cipher (so they only see the shifted letters or numbers) to see if they can ‘crack the code’. If the team can successfully decipher the other team’s word without the cipher they earn bonus points. The teams were encouraged to use everything they had learned from the beginning of the Junior University through to this week to create a tough code to crack.

The young recruits exceeded our expectations and absolutely ruled this competition. It was fast-paced and very exciting and we are extremely proud of how well all the trainee agents performed. We had an excellent time over these past six weeks and hope that our agency recruits did as well. For the record, during Week 1 our Agency Director really was video chatting with everyone from America. That is just what awesome technology looks like.

Finally, one last point for our young recruits. On Week 1 you were each given a badge with a number and two or three letters on it. If you put all the badges in a row from 1-14 and look at all the letters together, it spells a message backwards.

Leave a comment if you’d like to know what the message was.

Congratulations recruits, you have successfully and admirably completed your mission.

This message will self-destruct in 3…2…1…never.