Rumble of the Webbies

Big Brain Academy Tournament is beginning!

After a number of hiccups, the office tournament is on its way!

We want to be as inclusive as possible, so we waited to begin the tournament as a number of new people were starting and we wanted to make sure that as many as feasible would be able to take part.

As of today, the tournament brackets and been RANDOMLY put together a la an excellent application called ‘Tournament Bracket Builder’ which will likely sit on my desktop from now until eternity.

We officially have 24 people enrolled in the tournament.  As a greedy organiser I am always on the lookout for others to join our ranks, but will satisfy myself with 24 if need be.  This upcoming week June 27 will be reserved for practicing, the official match-ups will begin on July 4.

This tournament will be single elimination.  One vs One, winner continues, loser pouts on the sidelines.  Yeah, it’s a harsh system, but Webbies have evolved to have impenetrable skin made of steel.  Fact.

In the first week of the tournament I hope to see 6 of the Round 1 matches happen.  It’s ambitious I know but it will make for a fast moving and thus more exciting tournament for the onlookers.

Check back for updates as we document how the Tournament progresses.  Let the games begin!