Stanley Road Week Five

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

This week Agent SA 3004 and NM 2108 attended the Stanley Road School for special recruits. This week’s mission: PROJECT RECAP.

In anticipation of a very special Week 6 (AKA June 28) this week the agents went over everything they had learned over the past few weeks. Next week the students will be coming up with their own encryption/decryption codes, so they need to remember all the skills they have been taught to come up with the best code to hide their secret messages.

The young recruits looked at Binary and True False statements. Since Binary only uses 1 and 0s, they can also represent true and false, off and on, you get the idea. So, in addition to representing specific numbers, Binary numbers can give all sorts of information if you know what you’re looking for.

The recruits also got a refresher course on their logic theory to use with their encryptions. For example, A-D AND W-Z may have an Alpha Shift of +1 but E-V has an Alpha Shift of -10. There are all sorts of ways to utilise and, or, neither, etc. statements in making an encryption code.

Finally the trainee agents were reminded of their cryptography lesson from last week. This lesson gave some great examples of some of the ways to do an encryption.

Next week we will have a competition to see which team can create an unbreakable encryption, which team can break the codes, and who can do it fastest. We’ll have plenty of prizes and lots of fun! Though not too much fun, this agency is serious business…