Stop! It's HermanTime

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Herman has been with us since the beginning of November. He’s an active member of our society so we thought it was time to lift him up to the light and see what makes him tick.

Herman is a Software Engineer who joined the Support team on his first day. Support is a great place to learn how everything in the company works because it gives you a taste of all of the products and technologies in play at WAUK. Shui is his Senior Engineer at the moment, though previously he was on Jeff’s team. It looks like SuperJeff was unable to hold onto this new starter. Herman spends a lot of his day working on various website functions, Acumen and Brease.

You may remember, but if not…here’s the video, that Herman participated in the Red Nose Day Chilli Eating contest. Herman loved it, absolutely loved it. Then he stopped eating, the adrenaline went away, and the pain set in. Ouch. Herman would definitely participate again, but he would require an exorbitant appearance fee. You’ll find Herman’s exit at 3:28.

Herman has a lot of hobbies. When he was younger he was the Point Guard on his basketball team. There is no reason to doubt Herman’s basketball handling abilities, so perhaps, given his stature, it is not surprising that he played Point Guard. Just as a reference. Average height of a Point Guard in the NBA is between 5’10” and 6’3”, to give some contrast the average height of a Small Forward is 6’6” to 6’11” and a Center is on average 6’10” or taller.

Other than Basketball Herman likes to watch movies, play video and PC games, and build things. At the moment he is putting together the components to build a computer, finding the best price for each individual part like the conscientious consumer he is. Herman likes a challenge and has been enjoying learning new technologies and concepts like MVC in ASP.NET. His early school years much have been pretty challenging as well.

Herman moved to England from Hong Kong when he was in Primary School Year 5, at the time he didn’t speak any English. With time and a lot of effort Herman’s English is not excellent; whenever he hears a recording of himself speaking he can clearly hear his accent, I thought he was a native English speaker. Adapt to a new country with a new language, there’s a challenge for you.

Herman also enjoys his movies; he is a big fan of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He even liked the 4th PotC instalment, apparently the plot was fine but the movie tried too hard to replace Elizabeth (Keira Knightly) and Will (Orlando Bloom). A fun extra fact is that Herman has never successfully made it through an entire Star Wars Movie. He has seen bits here and there but has never sat and watched one from start to finish. Not even the originals. None. As far as I know, he’s the only person I’ve ever met who has never seen one from beginning to end. Craziness.

Finally, Herman is a gentle soul. He appears to have avoided the modern-day psychopathic trend of loving movies and games with lots of horror and blood and gore. His favourite games are Gran Turismo and the Final Fantasy series, neither heavy on the gore. He enjoys games where your character/avatar is allowed to grow up with you. Herman is definitely a little bit of a dreamer; he loves development because it allows you to be creative without worrying about current aesthetic trends and hey, he really thought he could handle all those chillies…