WAUKCE Photographic Diary

The Web Applications Centre of Excellence continues to develop its building site. The work is really starting to come together and should be evident in the pictures!

The work on the first floor was pretty intense so the pictures this week are restricted to the Basement and Ground Floor levels. It is really amazing to see the transformation. What was once a rather intimidating looking chamber has become a bastion of the Web Apps signature curved walls with some crisp white paint. Let’s take a look.


To the right is the ideal transformation picture. On the left you can see the newly painted walls, and excellent looking window. Some debris on the ground which looks like it could be quite quickly cleared out. On the right we have the old brick-work, things leaning against the wall to be installed and placed. 




In the picture to the left we can see one of the much more finished rooms.  In the centre of the picture are the two bathrooms.  To the right we can see some doors which look like they will either be storage closets or also bathrooms, and to the left we have an excellent example of some of the famous Web Applications UK curves.  The ceiling is still being worked on and the floor hasn’t been finished yet but it is really impressive how far it has all come along.


Ground Floor

We are very excited to see our elevator installed!  It isn’t completely finished yet but it is physically in the building and the mechanisms to make it go up and down have begun to be put in place as well.  Just take a look at this:

Now that is a gorgeous elevator shaft.  Tom Cruise would be proud to bungee jump down that. Proud.

Further to this picture we have a couple others for you to get an understanding of how far the building work has come.  In the first picture we have a series of lockers for people to put things, and then a view of one of the rooms leading onto a hallway.  Again, just take in the sights of that curved wall.



Well, that takes care of the building work so far.  Tune in again for an update on the first floor progress as well as the other floors.  For an idea of how far this has come, why not dig back in the blogs to around February time. The change is impressive.