MAHDLO: May All Hardworking Dreamers Locate Oldham

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

This is the time for Oldham’s regeneration. We are witnessing so many opportunities spring to life in and around Oldham. The Regional Science Centre is quickly becoming a reality; the plans for Oldham as a University Town are coming together… not to mention Web Applications’ very own Centre of Excellence.

We are proud Oldhamers at Web Applications UK and when we see something we like, we get an urge to shout about it. So when we discovered the plans for MAHDLO, we thought we’d share.

What is MAHDLO? Well, you may notice that it is ‘Oldham’ spelled backwards, symbolic of turning Oldham on its head. The town of Oldham is creating an Oldham Youth Zone based on a successful model out of Bolton.

On a large scale MAHDLO is an important addition to the Oldham landscape of opportunities for young people. This youth zone for Oldham is expected to open its doors in November of this year after years of planning and development. This is a key milestone in an effort to make Oldham a place where people would flock to study, and not only to study, to live.

As mentioned earlier MAHDLO is just one of a number of projects coming together to make Oldham a great place to live and study. We are very interested in drawing people to our little cosmic epicentre and hope YOU, that’s right, YOU take part in one of the many ways to get involved.

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