Progress on the Western Front

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Craig has returned this week from his travels to the United States. He and a few colleagues travelled to Florida and Colorado to closely examine a possible opportunity to take Web Applications to the US. He has returned more confident than ever that this project is not only conceivable, but achievable. We are in the process of incorporating Web Applications US as this is written, in addition to sourcing possible locations for office space.

It has always been our goal to be a ‘local’ company, more specifically glocal (think global, act local). We want to be where our customers are, it makes us accessible, helps us know the specific trials and travails of our nearby customers (economic and social pressures and such) and simplifies communications. In our effort to remain local, when we realised the opportunities in front of us for expansion into the US we immediately focused on opening a sister company in the states.

Some of you may have noticed that we have been advertising recruitment opportunities on our website in Colorado Springs. We are continuing to look into office space in Colorado Springs and will be making some recruiting decisions in the upcoming months. We take recruitment very seriously at Web Applications UK, a sentiment that is not likely to change when operating in the US. Finding the right people for our organisation is extremely important to us, so we will take our time and make sure we have the best of the best.

This is a very exciting time for Web Applications UK as we welcome Web Applications US into the fold. We want to thank all of our loyal User Group members for their patience, as soon as we have settled on a new date for the UGS we will be sure to let all of you know. We will be sure to provide updates on major milestones throughout the process.